Returning to work after maternity leave is a time of mixed feelings. There’s the excitement of picking up your career where you left off, alongside the natural concern about spending less time with your child. You might be wondering how you’ll manage the balancing act between professional ambitions and the demands of family life.

We understand that this transition is unique for every individual, and it’s normal to feel a blend of excitement and unease as you prepare to step back into your career. The prospect of blending the nurturing environment of home with the drive and ambition of the workplace is a challenge that many face.

Understanding Your Rights for Flexible Working

Returning to work after maternity leave is a significant step, and it’s important to know that you have certain rights that can help you ease back into your role. One key right is the ability to request flexible working. This might include part-time hours, flexi-time, or the option to work from home. This means that you’re entitled to make a statutory request for flexible working, and your employer is required to deal with it in a ‘reasonable manner’. While they are not obliged to grant every request, they must provide sound business reasons for any refusal.

Flexible working can be a game-changer, not just for employees but for employers too. It can lead to increased job satisfaction, reduced stress, and improved work-life balance for the workforce. For employers, it often results in higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and enhanced staff retention. It’s a demonstration of trust and respect that can cultivate a more dedicated and motivated team.

New regulations around flexible working in the UK, which were passed in December 2023 and came into effect as of 6th April 2024 mean that:

  • You can make a request for flexible working from day one of your employment
  • Employers will have to consult with the employee before rejecting it
  • Employers have two months to respond to a request
  • Employees will be able to make two requests within a 12-month period

There is also no longer any requirement for the employee to explain what effect their request will have on the employer or how the impact might be dealt with.

At Burton Recruitment Partners, flexibility is not simply an option—it’s ingrained in our ethos. We recognise that life doesn’t always fit neatly into the traditional 9-5 mould, and we’ve created an environment where you can tailor your work to suit your life, not the other way around. Our model is built on the understanding that when our partners have control over their work-life balance, they’re empowered to achieve their best, professionally and personally.

Salary vs Child Care Costs – Making it Work for You

One of the biggest concerns for parents returning to work after maternity leave is how to balance the cost of childcare against their salary. It’s a tricky equation, as the cost of quality childcare can be high, sometimes making it seem like you’re working just to pay for it. This financial balancing act is a reality for many families, and it’s crucial to find a work solution that makes financial sense for you.

The complexity of the issue lies in the variability of childcare expenses, which can fluctuate based on location, the number of children, and the type of childcare chosen, be it nursery, childminder, or nanny services. Parents are often caught in a balancing act, attempting to weigh the benefits of professional engagement and career progression against the practicality and cost-effectiveness of returning to work.

For many, this scenario prompts a reassessment of work patterns, potentially exploring part-time positions, job-sharing arrangements, or roles with the flexibility to work from home. These options can offer a more viable financial model, reducing childcare hours and enabling parents to align their work schedules with their partner’s or other family members’ availability to mind the children.

At Burton Recruitment Partners, we understand these challenges. That’s why our partners have the opportunity to maximise their earnings in a way that traditional employment often doesn’t allow. With the autonomy to manage your own business under the Burton brand, you retain up to 70% of your billings, which means your hard work directly translates into higher income. Our flexible working model means you can work around your childcare needs, reducing costs and stress.

For new parents, like Gemma Lofthouse, a Recruitment Partner at Burton Recruitment, our model has been the ideal solution to the fluctuating demands of work and family. The ability to scale up or down her activity ensured that her clients received the highest level of service while she enjoyed an excellent commission scheme and the camaraderie of like-minded professionals.

Maintaining Career Momentum Amidst Life Changes

A big concern for professionals starting out on maternity leave is the thought of career stagnation. The fast-paced nature of industry development can leave many feeling disconnected from their professional world, concerned that their absence may lead to missed opportunities or a perceived depreciation in their skills and industry relevance.

To maintain career momentum during and after maternity leave, proactive strategies can be highly beneficial. Keeping in touch days, for instance, can be an excellent way for employees to stay connected with their workplace, understand ongoing projects, and keep abreast of organisational changes while on leave. Skill development doesn’t have to be put on hold either—online courses, webinars, and industry networking can all be accessed remotely and flexibly.

Additionally, maintaining an active presence on professional social networking sites, engaging with industry news, and even contributing to discussions can signal to peers and employers that you remain invested in your career and up-to-date with industry trends, despite a temporary hiatus.

While these strategies can help maintain career trajectory, it’s important to acknowledge that returning to work doesn’t necessarily mean picking up exactly where one left off. Career progression may take new forms, with some individuals finding that their priorities and interests evolve post-parental leave, leading them to seek out new opportunities or specialty areas that align better with their changed lifestyle.

Burton Recruitment Partners – A New Way Forward

At Burton Recruitment Partners, empowerment is not just a buzzword; it’s a promise we deliver on for our recruitment consultants. As a Burton Recruitment Partner, you are the master of your destiny, running a business within a business. We offer a platform for you to flourish, with substantial benefits that align with your professional aspirations and personal commitments – all without having to sacrifice that crucial time with your newborn and family. 

Our partners typically retain an impressive 70% of their billings, making the financial rewards exceptional and directly correlated to your efforts. This model not only maximises your earning potential but also respects your ability to know what’s best for your business. The freedom to choose your clients, set your own pricing structure, and work from the location of your choice contributes to a work environment that is genuinely yours.

We do away with the rigid structure of set KPIs and core hours, allowing you to set your own objectives and manage your time in a way that suits you best. Your autonomy is supported by the strength of a well-established brand and a suite of resources—from CRM and compliance to marketing and finance—all designed to let you focus on what you do best: recruiting.

Our operational support goes beyond the tangible assets. Regular virtual meetings with other Recruitment Partners create a community which fosters collaboration, shared best practice, and a supportive atmosphere. Our high-quality, accessible training and marketing support ensure that you stay on top of industry developments and client engagement strategies.

The sense of community and shared high standards among our partners is palpable. Testimonials from our existing partners, like Caroline Ferguson in Microsoft Dynamics, speak volumes. Caroline not only tripled her salary but found a group of like-minded professionals that enriched her working experience. For Gemma Lofthouse in Operational & Administrative roles, the scalability of her work with Burton Recruitment meant she could adjust her professional life to the rhythm of her family, without compromising on her career progression or financial goals.

Burton Recruitment Partners represents a new paradigm in the recruitment industry. We offer a pathway to independence for established consultants who aspire to more autonomy and more substantial rewards, with less risk. If you are an independent-minded consultant with a proven track record and a billing history of over £10,000 per month, looking to step up in your career, Burton Recruitment Partners could be the platform you need to take that leap forward. Let’s work together and redefine recruitment success.

Making the Leap – Your Next Steps

As a new parent, you will likely be re-evaluating what’s important in life and work. If you’re dreaming of a career path that offers both professional fulfilment and the flexibility to be there for your family, becoming a Burton Recruitment Partner can be the change you’re looking for.

Embark on a journey where you can build your business within a business. As a Burton Partner, you will enjoy the freedom to take charge of your career without missing out on precious family time. Wondering what your financial landscape could look like with us? Use our online earnings calculator to see the potential rewards. 

To get started, simply get in touch or submit an application. We believe in transparency and will get back in touch as soon as possible to discuss your options. Engage in a discovery call with our Director for an honest conversation about the suitability of a partnership. If we’re both keen to proceed, follow-up calls and a comprehensive onboarding process will integrate you into the Burton family.

Download our brochure to learn more about the unique benefits we offer and hear from existing partners who have seen their careers and earnings soar while enjoying the work-life balance they desired.