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Have Your Own Business Within a Business

With Burton there are many benefits to being a Partner, not least of which is the earning potential. The financial reward of being a Recruitment Partner with Burton is exceptional and Partners typically retain 70% of their billings.

“Since joining Burton Recruitment, I have more than tripled my salary. More importantly, I have done so on my own terms, with a fantastic group of people who I genuinely enjoy working alongside.”

Caroline Ferguson • Recruitment Partner, Microsoft Dynamics

“ As a new mum, Burton Recruitment was the perfect solution to my ever-changing work and life needs. I could scale up or down my activity, knowing that my clients would still receive the highest level of service. The commission scheme is excellent, and the Recruitment Partners are like-minded professionals, who all share the same high standards.”

Gemma Lofthouse • Recruitment Partner, Operational & Administrative

“I love the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere and manage my own schedule while earning a great income. I enjoy the ultimate work/life balance while getting a chance to truly change lives. I benefit from all the resources and support I need to build a successful career as part of a fantastic team.”

Clarinda Rayner • Recruitment Partner, European Division

Burton Recruitment gives me the freedom I need. With a busy family, flexibility is the most important thing. We have a great team of highly experienced Recruiters, all specialised in their own field. We also support each other with roles where possible. The Director has recruited herself for many years so can really give the help, support and development that’s required – we work hard and have high standards and are rewarded very well.”

Remy Parkes • Recruitment Partner, Insurance

Recruitment, On Your Terms

Who We Are

Burton Recruitment is an established and highly respected recruitment firm with an exceptional reputation.

How We Help

Our model enables our Recruitment Partners to choose how they work and with whom they collaborate.

What We Do

Over the last few years, we have been focussed on creating the perfect system to challenge conventional approaches to client services.

Free From Constraints

Our partners can set their own targets, establish their own work hours, and determine their own earning potential, without being bound by the rigid requirements of a traditional recruitment firm.

Free from the constraints of KPIs and targets, our recruiters have autonomy over their work, allowing them to focus on delivering top-quality services to their clients.

World-Class Support

We provide world-class support and a thriving network of collaborations and cross-referrals – creating an environment for success, so that you can concentrate on what you enjoy doing most.

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“Be your own boss, but never alone”

Establishing and operating a recruitment enterprise can incur significant costs, demand substantial time commitments, and involve inherent risks. Moreover, it can be a very lonely place.

At Burton Recruitment, we remove all of these drawbacks, leaving you to focus your efforts on what you do best – recruiting, all within a supportive and collaborative environment.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re an established Recruitment Consultant looking for the next move in your career, we’d love to hear from you.

Ready Made Business

Our extensive network for recruitment offers comprehensive solutions, encompassing CRM, sales data, recruitment licenses, compliance, marketing, finance, administration, and a supportive team that you can lean on to celebrate those wins or collaborate with on projects. All of the best bits with none of the risk.

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Where Your Results Lead to Rewards

We foster an entrepreneurial mindset and a collaborative spirit that encourages every Partner to succeed.

If you’re ready to break free from the limitations of traditional employment, Burton Recruitment is the ideal choice. Discover a place where your results lead directly to rewards.

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