We recently caught up with Charlotte Tilley, who has just completed her first month as a Burton Recruitment Partner. Transitioning from a traditional agency role to running her own recruitment business under the Burton Recruitment brand, Charlotte shares her motivations, experiences, and the noticeable benefits she’s already enjoying. Here’s an insightful Q&A that sheds light on her journey and offers valuable advice to other experienced recruiters considering a similar path.

Read on to discover how Charlotte is navigating her new role and the significant positive changes she’s experienced since joining Burton Recruitment Partners.

1. What made you consider becoming a Burton Partner?
I was fed up with traditional agencies, where my hard work rarely went rewarded. I wanted more flexibility in my working life along with the autonomy to choose who I was working with and how I worked with them without all of the red tape.
2. What about Burton Recruitment seemed attractive to you?
The ability to be my own boss, to be able to work within my sector and genuinely make a difference. I have been passionate about the Housing Sector for so long and wanted to be able to make a real change. Burton allowed me to do that!
3. What has been the the biggest or most noticeable benefit since joining?
The flexibility and freedom. Since joining I discovered I was pregnant and the flexibility of being able to attend my appointments without worrying how long they are taking has been amazing. It was a god send when my morning sickness was unbearable, knowing that I could make up the time when I felt up to it rather than having to push through like I would have to at other agencies.
4. How does being a Burton Partner compare to your previous role?
Night and day honestly. I used to dread going into work where someone would be on my back from the second I walked through the door. At Burton you’re trusted to do the work. After all the only person that suffers if you don’t is you! Being able to choose my work schedule to fit around my life and other commitments is brilliant and you are genuinely supported by some of the best in the business. Everyone who works with Burton Recruitment is incredibly helpful and they all understand what you’re going through.
5. What are you most looking forward to in the coming 12 months?
The arrival of the little one (goes without saying) but work wise…. watching my hard work pay off. Doing those deals and not seeing the biggest portion of the fees I have worked so hard for end up in someone else’s pocket. At Burton you’re treated as an equal not another bum on a seat to make the higher ups rich.
6. What advice would you give someone considering leaving an agency role and starting their own recruitment business?
Apply and have the conversation. Taking the leap is scary but I have seen firsthand that it is more than worth it. Why spend years working yourself into the ground to make someone else rich when you can actually be rewarded for the hard work and effort you put in? Saying that, it is not for everyone… so if you need someone constantly pushing you or you want to be able to fully switch off when you leave the office.. your own business may not be for you.
7. What would you say to anyone sat on the fence about becoming a Burton Recruitment Partner?
There is no harm in having the conversation. Every one of the partners is super supportive and they are all there to lend a helping hand when needed. Take the leap and trust in yourself and your ability. If you have been doing well consistently for someone else… is it not time that you saw a reward for your hard work?

Your Future Awaits

Charlotte’s journey demonstrates the transformative power of becoming a Burton Recruitment Partner. From enjoying greater flexibility and autonomy to being rewarded fairly for her hard work, the benefits are evident. If you’re an experienced recruiter looking to reclaim control over your career and enjoy the support of a well-established brand, consider taking the leap. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Burton Recruitment Partner. Your future of independent success awaits!