Partner AI Headshot Request

Our goal is to create professional looking, AI generated headshots for all Burton Recruitment Partners. This will standardise the look and feel of our headshot images, which will be used across our marketing collateral.

Please complete the form below and upload 15-20 photographs of yourself. We have provided some guidance on what to do/what not to do. This need not be a time consuming task. You likely have the images required in your phone cameral roll or social media profiles.


  • Include your head, face& shoulders

  • Use different lighting, times of day

  • Different scenes, background & environments

  • Use different expressions, moods & emotions across your photos.

  • Use different angles of your face & head

  • Just you it the photo (if this is difficult, a few with someone else it won’t matter too much)


  • Wear any face coverings, sunglasses etc.

  • Use filters or other editing that changes your face

  • Use Black & White photos

  • Wear caps or hats

  • Upload multiple copies or variations of the same photo

  • Worry! The AI will make you look good, even if you don’t like the photos you upload.

More Information

 Please upload 15-20 photographs. The more pictures you upload, the better your headshots will be. Try to have as many different perspectives on your face, eyes, looking at these from different angles. Each picture should tell the AI more new information about your appearance and features. The things that are constant from picture to picture (glasses, facial hair) will get reinforced and will show up well in the generated headshots. Changing backgrounds will help you highlight your face and features as constant among the pictures Рmultiple shots with the same background may be disqualified as duplicates, so a variety of backgrounds/settings is preferable.

If you do not have enough high-quality photographs already, you could use your phone to take selfies, so long as you use a variety of backgrounds and angles.


The Images Uploaded

The AI Images Generated

A selection of what we got back…


We understand some of you may not be keen on the idea, so we will send you a selection of images to review and approve before they are used anywhere. All of the images you upload will be deleted after use and will not be shared with anyone. The only person to see them will be Jack.